UX Transformation

User experience “encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.”

App Dev



Lead Engineering Design & QA efforts in building their proprietary Creative & Management Platform for YouTube.

NBC Universal


Web App Dev & Web Design – Esquire – www.tv.esquire.com and E! Entertainment – www.eonline.com

  • Architect a unique permission based website management system (E! Publisher) that streamlines the editing and publishing of granular changes to web pages and is designed to overcome certain workflow deficiencies involved with the maintenance of large-scale Java-based web sites that would otherwise require code deployments.
  • Design & develop Redcarpet Live from E! 360 – a virtual reality player; integrating virtual reality player on native apps and mobile web. Nominated for Emmys Awards 2017.
Discovery Channel

Discovery Communications

Lead team for their react platform development which powers their website and their universal windows platform application.

  • Optimizing site performance so videos start quickly to increase revenue and increase viewer retention.
  • Rearchitecting webpack compilation process to reduce bundle size, speed and hot reloading by using cutting edge that has just emerged.
  • Rearchitecting website to support multiple networks.


Web App Dev – HBONow, HBOGO, and Apple TV HBO steaming.

  • Design, implementation and deploying to production applications built within a microservice architecture. The persistence layer is spread across Amazon S3, Redis, MongoDB and Postgres dependent on need.  Applications are built using Java or Node.js and deployed using Docker and orchestration via Kubernetes.   All services are running on AWS.
  • Specific business areas are ingestion, master data management, image and video processing and content API used by downstream systems/clients.
  • Helping to build content feeds for external partners such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google.
  • Currently starting an analytics project using Amazon EMR, Hadoop and Apache Spark.  This will be used for advanced analytics, recommendations and user experience enhancements to HBO products

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